Starting Places

Below are some posts that give you an idea of what the blog is about. They’re not necessarily the ones that have been read the most or generated the most comments. But they’re ones I come back to now and then and the ones I want to share with friends.

Taking Sides, thoughts on being left-handed.

City Trains, memories of a Christmas past.

Darling! a letter to a lost lover.

Eat Well, Be Good, a post on orthorexia.

An Accident of Stephens, versions of self in a parallel universe

Boys Together Clinging, or Abercrombie & Fitch and the ideology of cool

Rules of the House, a tale of North and South (Europe)

Attic Beds,  a teenage boy gets a crush on a distant cousin

Time to Come Out, a call to gay athletes to come out

A Summer Lullaby, on sleeping in public

A Measure of History, a short history of a grand cocktail

Books and Boots, how writing a profile is like curating a self

The Measure of Interest, musings about what makes something “interesting”, prompted by flickr’s algorithm of interestingness

Secrets of the Thicket, a text about fauns, guardian angels and sex in parks

Don’t Cook Tripe for Friends, a list of do’s and don’ts for giving a dinner party

A Minor Obsession, fixations, fetishes and friends as desserts

Now and Then, because there must be a post about the crisis


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