Portrait of Jean Cocteau with actress Ricki Soma and dancer Leo Coleman

Looking Good

The entrance hall to our small apartment building was not a very welcoming space. The installation of a cage elevator in the late 1930s had sliced off the graceful winding…

Angela Moore, "Jasmin"

Imagined Cities

Imagine you are asked to collect a set of prompts that could conjure up your city for someone who has never been there. Think of it as an “inspiration box”….

"Young Men in the Garden Pavillion", Friedrish Ahlers-Hestermann


A few months ago a friend of mine sent me an email, asking me to tell her where I felt stuck. She’s setting up a business as a life coach,…

Pablo Picasso, "Nus masculins (les trois âges de l'homme), 1942

Daddy Isn’t Here

Marcus didn’t moan much during sex.  It was only in the last few minutes before he climaxed that I could hear him in my apartment, late at night as I…

Blessed Podiven Following in the Footsteps of St. Vaclav

A Spring Carol

With its seasonal timeliness and surfeit of roles, including those for which no lines need be uttered, the Nativity is not surprisingly a favorite vehicle to showcase the talents of the…

Syntagma metro station, Athens


I am in the last room in the museum, the final destination confirmed by the section label on the wall. It reads “The End of the Ancient World”. They could…

Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg

Set Piece

Last night I watched a man seduce a woman in my apartment. He had fixed a light supper in advance of her arrival, a salad and a quick beef sauté…

Caravaggio, San Gerolamo Scrivente

Keeping Company

Translators have not often been subjects of painting, and when they have, they are usually the translators of the Bible. The Hebrew scholars of the Septuagint appear in a few,…