Street in Panormos, Tinos

Broken Vows

A gust of wind lifts up our bread basket and tosses it onto the pavement. Exei kairo, the locals say on days like this, when the dry northerly wind that…

Portrait of Jean Cocteau with actress Ricki Soma and dancer Leo Coleman

Looking Good

The entrance hall to our small apartment building was not a very welcoming space. The installation of a cage elevator in the late 1930s had sliced off the graceful winding…

John Singer Sargeant, The Bathers, 1917

Street of Dreams

I know better than to have expectations this September. The past few years at Alexandra’s airy spacious house on the bluff have spoiled me, with its gardens of bay laurels,…

Gustave Caillebotte, "Man Drying Himself", 1884

The Prep

I celebrated my birthday with a purge. No shit left behind, I joked to friends. The decision was prompted by a few wispy streaks of blood on a clump of…

Village of Ano Petali on the island of Sifnos

Pick a Color

Liz offered to read my colors. She thinks I’m stuck and says the reading will show me what I need to address in my life. That was her word, address….

Helmut Kolle, "Bullfighter", (c) Towner Art Gallery; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Bad Times

“He couldn’t find the toe,” she said. “It doesn’t matter really. The doctor said it didn’t come off clean. They couldn’t have sewed it back on if we had found…

Brassai, Paris, ca. 1935

Errand Boy

Nowadays when an older woman stops me on street, she’s either crazy or wants spare change. It doesn’t matter, I stop anyway. I think they might need help getting back…