Ghilherme Lobo and Fabio Audi in The Way He Looks

The Way He Looks

The Way He Looks is one of those films that you want to rush out and tell your friends about after seeing, as you might a marvelous six-table restaurant you…

screenshot of Kyriaki Goni’s work, “Deletion process_Only you can see my history”.

Desk Set

Desk Set is a frothy romantic comedy, watchable not only for the delightful repartee and chemistry between its stars, Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, but also for its endearing naïveté…

Angela Moore, "Jasmin"

Imagined Cities

Imagine you are asked to collect a set of prompts that could conjure up your city for someone who has never been there. Think of it as an “inspiration box”….

Syntagma metro station, Athens


I am in the last room in the museum, the final destination confirmed by the section label on the wall. It reads “The End of the Ancient World”. They could…

Grace Tatlow, "Jak"

Blind Date

I’ve been told to wait for him inside the metro station, the one off the city’s flea market, across from the Old Mosque and the ruins of Hadrian’s Library. I…

Page from Alexander Iolas' address book


Occupying a space two basements deep in the underbelly of the National Conservatory, the museum’s lodgings were always meant to be a temporary home. In the cavernous hull that lay…

Street Facade, from Andro Wekua's "Pink Wave Hunter"

Models of Memory

My brother and I live in very different places a continent and ocean apart, but the city that appears in our letters is neither his nor mine. It is an…